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screw cap minimizes the risk of leakage and specimen contamination

CryoClear - Globe Scientific

sample loss and contamination. CryoClear™ cryogenic vials feature an innovative polyethylene (PE) screw cap that is co-molded with a layer of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). This offers the benefit of giving exemplary sealing while helping eliminate the risk of contamination or …

CryoClear Barcoded Cryogenic Tubes - globescientific.com

CryoClear™ Barcoded Cryogenic Tubes for Specimen Storage and Transportation Our innovative screw caps eliminate leakage and contamination. ® CryoClear™ screw caps are co-molded with a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) layer and are 95kPa certified to provide a leak-proof seal.

BD Vacutainer Urine - CAN-Med Healthcare

preserved specimen is not required BD Vacutainer® Urine Collection Cup with Integrated Transfer Device • Plastic collection cup is graduated to indicate a volume of 4.5 oz or 120 mL of urine • Sterile interior cup with a screw-cap to minimize the risk of leaking and contamination • …

Collection, Transport and Receipt of Infectious Materials

External contamination is a problem and there is a strong case for collecting urine from females in sterile large jars before transferring to a laboratory container. Other specimens such as pus and aspirated fluids are collected by professional staff which minimizes the risk of external contamination. Labelling specimens and containers

How to collect a specimen for Trichomonas Amplified Probe

Transport swab specimens within 60 days or urine in transport tube within 30 days Place each transport tube in an individual zip lock bag. o Do not group multiple tubes together in one bag due to the risk of DNA cross-contamination and rejection of all specimens if there is leakage. METHOD LIMITATIONS

Drug Testing Cups, Urine Sample Cup, Urine Drug Test

Convenient, disposable, professional sample collection containers for use with all lateral flow, urine based test devices. High quality, professional grade polypropylene construction minimizes risk of sample contamination and handling exposure.

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Cap = Polypropylene (PP) • Graduated • Dual-cap feature; each bottle includes a screw cap and plug insert, providing a completely leak-resistant seal • Tagging points for use with optional wire security ties • Food grade Caps and bottle neck have molded-in tagging points designed for securing the cap to the bottle using wire security ties.

Copan Universal Transport Medium (UTM-RT)

protein for stabilization, antibiotics to minimize bacterial and fungal contamination, and a buffer to maintain a neutral pH. Copan UTM-RT System medium is provided in labeled screw-cap tubes designed for transport of the clinical sample. Copan UTM-

Microbiology - wadsworth.org

that minimizes the opportunity for contamination or alteration of relevant characteristics. Stock cultures should consist of low-passage material rather than laboratory-adapted high passage material. Validated patient isolates, proficiency testing specimens, or commercially prepared controls may be used unless otherwise required by manufacturer.

Microbiology specimen collection and handling

Use leak-proof specimen containers and transport the containers within a ... (contamination) ... bile, joint, 2. Obtain specimen via or sterile screw-cap Pericardial fluid anaerobic system an d need paracentesis, percutaneous needle tube or anaerobic and fluids for not be centrifuged prior to ...

Specimen Submission Guidelines | South Dakota State University

Remember that formalin will leak through Ziploc bags, resulting in cross contamination of fresh specimens. Please do not submit fecal specimens in gloves. If protected from breakage, single-use vacuum blood-collection tubes are satisfactory, but the use of snap-cap or screw cap tubes may give more security from leakage.

Contamination Risk with Screw-capped Centrifuge Tubes

6,000 specimens showed an incidence of contamination about 0.6 per cent and a rate of tube breakage about 0.1 per cent, with a continuing trend toward lower rates of contamination and breakage. In 't!ummary: A contamination hazard exists in the bacteriology laboratory when screw-capped

Radiation Exposure from Centrifuges | Environmental Health ...

The Best method for minimizing exposure is to prevent the centrifuge from becoming contaminated in the first place. While it is difficult to do, you can reduce the amount of contamination by using micro-tubes with screw caps and "O" rings. The cap with the "O" ring reduces leakage from the micro-tube.

Specimen-handling, Serum, Plasma, Whole blood : Serum ...

Draw 12 mL of whole blood for each 5 mL of serum or plasma needed. Collect in an appropriate collection tube. Centrifuge for at least 15 minutes at 2200-2500 RPM. Pipette the serum or plasma into a clean plastic screw-cap vial and attach the label. Do not transfer red cells to the vial. Screw cap on firmly to prevent leakage. SERUM

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• Minimizes risk of cross contamination Delee • Standard tip for all Covidien pediatric (5 Fr – 8 Fr) suction catheters • Smooth tip minimizes trauma Whistle • Round, open tip provides efficient flowrate Straight ... argyle™ Specimen Traps • Screw-on cap • Removable male connector

Section 3 Microbiology RevJR Mar2010 - iuhealth.net

♦ Before collecting the specimen, consider the risk/benefit ratio of the collection procedure to the patient. ♦ Collect fluid specimens in sturdy, sterile, screw cap, leak proof containers with lids that do not create an aerosol when

Specimen Collection and Transportation of Microbiology ...

Specimen Collection and Transportation of Microbiology Specimens Date & Time Viewed: 12/14/2010 at 11:54:42 AM Page 5 of 25 01/25/2010 Version 2 PROBLEM ACTION Improper container (nonsterile) Do not process. Call submitter and request repeat specimen Leaking container Do not process sputum, blood, and viral specimens.

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Because accurate data collection and sample integrity are of the utmost importance, urine specimen cups provide a durable, spill-proof solution for sample collection. Equally as important, the leak-free design also ensures that urine and stool will be contained within the cup reducing contamination risk to patients and medical personnel.

Specimen Collection and Storage | Urine Sample Cups | Therapak

Leak-proof Click-Tite cap seal design Available with temperature indicator strips Therapak's Dual Click-Tite containers are ideal for maintaining the integrity of biological specimens …

Specimen Vials at Thomas Scientific

"200" Screw Cap Specimen Vials DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton) Fitted with rubber liners Borosilicate glass, Wheaton "200" glass Consists of screw neck vials and attached 2386Q20 series cap fitted with rubber liners Packaged in Wheaton Lab File® carton containing two pull-out cardboard drawers.

Specimen Handling : General Guidelines - Quest Diagnostics

To minimize specimen volume requirements for small children, however, only one tube is required even when multiple tests are ordered. For pediatric specimen tubes, wrap the label around the tube just below the screw cap so the ends of the label adhere to each other and the …

v) Estimation of prevalence of infection or exposure to ...

managing biological risk in the veterinary laboratory and animal facilities). For information on transport of specimens see Chapter 1.1.3 Transport of specimens of animal origin. The reliability of the diagnostic testing is critically dependent on the specimen(s) being appropriate, of high quality,

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Flasks Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Polypropylene Vacuum Flask Replace glass flasks with the Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Polypropylene Vacuum Flask, molded in one piece for full vacuum service with angled tubulation to prevent tipping.

Specimen Collection Cups - Lid & Temp Strip - Helix Diagnostic

These urine based collection devices have a high quality, professional grade polypropylene design which minimizes risk of sample contamination and handling exposure. The plastic cup comes with a seal and screw cap, enabling you to send samples to the lab for confirmation.

collecting - BD

the sterile interior cup with screw-cap minimizes the risk of leakage and sample contamination. For busy areas of the hospital that require high patient care, the BD Vacutainer® Urine Collection Cup provides a faster and easier alternative. By using this closed system, pouring off, leakage and wet areas are avoided, which

BD Vacutainer® Collection and Transfer Products - BD

In addition, the sterile interior cup with screw cap minimizes the risk of leakage and sample contamination. BD Vacutainer ® complete urine collection kits BD Vacutainer complete urine collection kits include a complete system for urine collection.

Screw Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes - Ciro Manufacturing ...

Tube is made of inert -polypropylene copolymer, to minimize the risk of altering samples. Our Screw-Cap tube is ideal for any sample-processing or storage application imaginable-and especially for working with valuable or hazardous cells and materials.

February 2016 Product Focus - Specimen Collection ...

Copan Diagnostics, Inc. FecalSwab is comprised of a regular COPAN FLOQSwab and a screw cap tube containing 2mL of Cary-Blair medium. Because of its high pH, Cary-Blair is the medium of choice for transport and preservation of enteric bacteria.

Bacteriology: Specimen Collection, Transport & Processing ...

Collect specimen resulting from deep cough in a sterile screw-cap cup or other suitable sterile collection assembly of about 100 ml capacity. To prevent contamination of the outside of the container, the patient should be instructed to press the rim of the container under the lower lip to catch the entire expectorated cough sample.

Becton Dickinson 364975 - McKesson Medical-Surgical

Features. This plastic urine collection cup features a sterile interior with a screw cap to minimize the risk of leaking and contamination Cup comes with an integrated transfer device that allows for the transfer of urine to one or more tubes without exposure to the specimen

Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratories - mda.maryland.gov

Urinalysis: Specimens should be submitted in sterile, leak proof containers. Example: screw-cap cup or tube. Catherization is the preferred method of collection, 10-20 ml per sample. If free catch void urine is submitted, discard initial 15-30 ml to reduce contamination.

Tite-Rite Containers Prefilled with 10% Neutral Buffered ...

Designed for the safe collection, preservation, transportation & storage of specimens. Reduce formaldehyde exposure, save time, minimize spillage and decrease costs.

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